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Whatever your energy needs might be, you need to work with an energy procurement service that you can rely on. At Engineered Process Systems, you can count on us to offer energy rate reduction and other services to ensure that you receive the best utility rates possible. Serving clients in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, we are dedicated to making energy affordable for all of our clients. When your bills get too high, work with a team that can reduce your spending.

Why You Need Our Team

Whether you own a restaurant, industrial warehouse, or government office, energy plays a big part in your expenditure.
With energy procurement services, you'll receive valuable advice regarding your current energy spending and how you can save money, gain better control, and avoid unnecessary risks.

Thorough Energy Auditing

Our goal is to provide energy procurement services and energy auditing to make rates affordable for you. We participate in a national online auction process to ensure the acquisition of the most competitive supply arrangement. We have over 500 suppliers available through our national platform. Our team follows a GSA-certified process to ensure complete transparency as required by public building. On top of this, Engineered Process Systems can provide detailed energy use for your facility and offer energy efficiency recommendations and solutions to lower your regular costs.

Energy Rate Cost Reduction

Managing energy providers and energy procurement services can be a complex process. We monitor the auction process to reduce supply acquisition costs. Our team ensures regulated tariff analysis to get the correct tariff for your facility. We work to ensure that bills are always correct, as most providers need to process around $250,000 in annual refunds to customers. In 2016, we negotiated a $1,084,000 refund for a client in Cleveland. Our clients enjoy around $1,000,000 in annual rate savings, and this number is always growing!

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Nationwide Services

  • Energy Procurement Strategy Development
  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Auction Management & Supervision